Keeping up traditions


My hunting club held its annual skiing and shooting competition, #hirvenhiihto or Moose Shooting & Skiing. It´s a combination of a about 4 km route, during which you have two stations. The first had two moose targets and the task was to estimate the distance. The second station was a shooting station (.22 LR), where 10 rounds were given. They have a system, where each score is awarded with certain number of points, and whoever gets most points from three tasks; track, estimates, shooting, wins.

I had my dogs with me, so I kept a good pace to the first station, estimating distances. The first moose was 95 meters away, I said 65, and the second one 115 meters, I said 130. My score 210 points.

The shooting total was 56/100, which gave me 336 points. Finally my overall time was 46 min 35 sec, and because there´s no snow, it was running/walking time. My overall score was 804, good to remember for the future. 

Because of the corona-virus pretty much all events have been cancelled, including the Simulated Game Shooting competitions, so I was happy to participate. It was a sunny, but quite windy day - made shooting a bit challenging. But it was fun and I´m really looking forward to starting the shooting range season! No pics this time, I totally forgot to take any :) 

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