New year, same dogs and me - but with yet another year worth of experiences, towards whatever lies ahead. Excited and curious to learn, succeed, disappoint, laugh - and feel sad at times, too.

Hunting both small and as of this year big game, too. Hunting very often brings wonderful people together - and I am happy and proud to be a part of that family. As a meat eater, I am very aware of sustainability, I´ll do my part in keeping this tradition alive and respected by others, too. I will continue to have a modest game bag and a humble attitude towards shooting.

A vital part of the ethical aspect is shooting training, and this year I´ll be bringing my rifle to the range, too. Got to get ready for the autumn - and my first ever big game hunt - super excited :)

I will be writing about hunting, guns, shooting and any odd subject that I find interesting; in Finnish, in English und ab und zu auf Deutsch. Come back to follow my story!

January 2019 Monna

Blaser R8