Pitämisen arvoisia aseita! // Guns worth keeping!

Mikä on hyvä haulikko? Se istuu Sinulle, toimii luotettavasti radalla ja metsällä vuosikymmeniä. Se voi olla melkein minkä tahansa merkkinen. Minulle se on Benelli.

Benelli 828U Sport 30" Magnum

The sporting gun for me. Reliable at the range as well as in upland and waterfowl hunting. As I was working the Benelli stand at the Riihimäki Game Fair 2022 I had plenty of folks come to me talking about their trustworthy Benellis - some dating back to the 80´s. Tens if not hundred thousand shots, a bit of TLC and they are ready to get back out there. My kind of gun.

Benelli 828U Sport Magnum 30"

This year (2024) I´ve also added "Hunting Shotgun" - which is a modified version of skeet, and I am learning new things every time I shoot. See my left foot here, it is very close to being outside of the designated area!!

Also, you need to kill the target within a certain range, I´ve now failed twice in a competition to do so. I think I´ve now learned my lesson :) But it is not so serious, I will learn - and I´m having a blast doing just that!

Benelli Raffaello Be Diamond A.I BE.S.T 28"

This is a long-time dream come true. I was not a fan
of semiautomatics before, but I got the chance to try the earlier version of
this gun, and it was like a glove. And now I have the latest generation, and it brings a lot of extremely useful improvements. The finish of the receiver and the barrels is super durable - the factory guarantees 25 years!! The improved
barrel + choke combo gives more speed and therefore faster shot and greater depth of impact. Gone are the days, where semiautomatics were loud to load, this model has the easy locking system, which makes no sound when you are stalking pigeons, for example. Should you have cartridges in the
magazine, there´s a window to take a peak and the twopart spring system for easy unloading. The gun mounts easily, has a reduced recoil (ComforTech3 and even a system to reduce the recoil towards your cheek; Combtech). For easy maintenance, my stock is Technopolymer.