Game bag continues.. 11-

Season 2020-2021 was my best so far - lots of valuable experience, and some success, too.

Meat in the fridge, and my modest part in making our roads safer. Looking forward to the next.

No. Date Type Of Game Remarks
12. Oct 1, Whitetailed deer, young female < 1 yr I saw a pack of whitetailed very early in the evening, as I was stalking. They were way too far away about 300-350 m, at first I saw two, female and her calf, soon joined by another female. I kept an eye on them, but thought they would head away from me, and at first they did. But then they decided otherwise, so I waited until they were about 60 meters from. I chose the calf, as you should, when trying to manage the population.
This was my first ever kill w/ my Benelli Lupo 6,5 Creedmore. What a comfortable gun to shoot!
11. Sep 1, 2022 Whitetailed deer, young buck < 1 yr Great opening! Alone, eating by the side of a harvested field. About 150 meters, great conditions, took the shot. A forest with thick spruces and a hil behind the animal, perfect spot to take the shot, so I did.