2022 - be better!!

This is a Benelli Raffaelli BE Diamond. Awesome shotgun!

I did do a lot of shooting last year, just not in competitions. I´m hoping this year will be different - and it started out ok. The vaccinations advanced - yes, I´m a firm believer of science - that´s how we got rid of polio etc. But we got a better reason to get upset, the Russian totally criminal attack on Ukraine. Writing this in March, the brave Ukrainian army is still fighting back - huge respect to all the men & women in the uniform!

In any event - I am hopeful enough to start this page, and I have plans to go to a simulated game shoot tomorrow. So unless all hell breaks loose, this page will be updated soon!

Date, place Discipline Result
17.7. Mäntsälä 100 automaattitrap + 100 kansallinen trap (5+10)+(17+13) = 45/100
16.7. Loppi mets.trap* (piirinmest./district championship) 32/50 (1.)
5.7. Tervakoski liikkuva hirvi (RHY)** 44/100
2.7. Renko liikkuva hirvi (RHY-kisa) 52/100 (pm-joukkue II)
29.6. Kalvola mets.trap* 16/25 (3.)
5.6. Tammela mets.trap* 17/25 (1.)
26.5. Humppila mets.trap* 17/25 (2.)
14.5. Hälvälä, Hollola mets.trap* 13/25
7.5. Orimattila 1-trap 51/75 + F 11 (6.)
13.3. Mäntsälä Riistapolku*** 97/150 (5.)

* Trap shooting (mount incl.)
** Moving target
(running moose from 0:48 min), shot with a .308 Win/6,5/.30-06 Spr or similar
**Simulated Game Shoot