Aseet // Guns

Benelli 828 U Sport

Cal. 12/76
Barrels 30"

With the kind permission & co-operation by Benelli Suomi / Teuvo Louhisola Oy

Merkel Helix Explorer

Cal .308

Jaki Forest Silencer

Swarovski z8i 2-16 X 50P -riflescope

Grulla Armas / Eduard Kettner San Remo

Cal 12

Caesar Guerini Summit - for sale! Ask here!

  • cal 12
  • 12/70
  • 32"
  • säädettävä perä; poskipakka JA painot
    (adjustable stock with cheek peace and balancing weights)

Sako P54 .22 LR

Tämä kaunokainen on valmistettu vuonna 1958, se on vanhempi kuin minä, silti tarkempi :)

Se kunnostetaan niin, että se saa paremman kiikarin ja äänenvaimentimen, ja jo kelpaa harjoitteluaseeksi. Toki metsästysasetuksen sallima riista on sekin mahdollista; siis esim. haitalliset vieraslajit kuten minkki, mutta myös kyyhky.

A lovely old timer, which dates back to 1958. Manufactured in Riihimäki, Finland from 1954 to 1972, in total about 24.000 ( It´s caliber .22LR which can be used for invasive species such as the mink, but also pigeons and waterfowl is allowed. This individual will get a make over including a silencer and a better rifle scope.

Breda Altair

cal 12/76 Magnum, semiautomatic

I had a lovely Breda a few winters ago for loan, and it taught me the wonderful world of semiautomatics, which are often overlooked and even disliked. True, you do need to be more careful, as you don´t necessarily see, if the lock indeed is open or not, also shooting at the range, the guy next to you may not appreciate the empty cartridge shells flying out.. I totally fell for the Benelli Raffaello BE Diamond, but could not get it at this time, so this is my substitute for now. Manufactured in 2011 (CH in a rectangle), but in fantastic condition. I am looking forward to many, many years with this one!