My first ever attempt at male capercaillies and black grouse, skis on, rifle on my back. Awesome, absolutely awesome!! First of all, it´s great that the population has grown so that we are allowed to hunt in the middle of the winter, secondly it´s not as if this two-week period will do any harm to the population. Let me tell you folks, it´s anything but easy!

There were birds, but a) they were the wrong sex b) too far away c) flying out of their snow covers and with a rifle, it´s not possible - you pick, all of the above happened. And yes, nothing to be done but to walk to the supermarket meat counter.. :)

But beautiful scenery, very happy dogs and folks.

What I also did learn, that I need a rifle spesifically for birdhunting. It needs to be shorter and lighter in weight - and with this comes the question of which caliber to choose. It might be the 6,5 mm (Creedmore for example) - the availability has become very good, and it seems to do the job very nicely. Now the only thing to decide, is the type of rifle - something old fashioned and extraordinary or modern (and boring)?! I will think about this and get back!


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