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The upcoming opening of the hunting year 2019-2020 is just a few weeks away. We start with wood pigeon (columba palumbus) on Aug 10. I probably pass the the opening, but look for the opening of the waterfowling season on Aug 20. I have two shotguns and a rifle at my disposal at this time. The shotguns are my over-and-under, which still has one spring to be replaced to guarantee its reliability, and my side-by-side. And there the problems lie clearly with the shooter. 

It´s actually funny to think, this side-by-side I´m struggling to hit anything on the range with, has been very reliable and given me eg. my first capercaillie (tetrao urogallus) and many other successfull hunts. I somehow seem to be able to turn on my hunting instincts in the wild, but I truly suck on the range. Well, that´s about to change. I already had my first attemp with the SHOTKAM -device. A recording system for shotgun shooting, it will help me understand why I missed the target as it records and then plays the footage in slow motion. You can see the movement of the gun towards the target. I had it on yesterday, but ofcourse forgot to download the video clips, but I´ll be back with the actual footage, when I get the device back. 

I also had the opportunity to try something super exciting: all kinds of military guns. A rare opportunity to shoot with a machine gun, a traditional, legendary "Emma" light machine gun. Then a Mauser C96 (I think this was the model), and hosted by the most wonderful group of people - very friendly, hospitable folks, clearly enthusiastic about their hobby - and guns in perfect working order. And I am ashamed to admit, much better kept than any of mine. I need to get my shit together :)

My hope is these old guns are maintained, and should the owner pass to better hunting grounds, I wish the heritage would be kept and/or sold/donated to someone who can appreciate the value and keep the guns in tact. Guns don´t kill, people do. Having said that, I think it´s only reasonable to monitor and screen anyone interested in getting a gun, in my opinion, a shooting range is about the safest place you can imagine - let´s keep them that way!


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