It was about time, too!!


So today I got my first white tail deer, a young female, which came in a group of five animals, I picked her and pulled the trigger. She dropped right there and then. Cheers, folks!

We had three dachshund on the move, and I was told I got the hot spot. And indeed, it was!! Quickly after the dogs were taken off the leash, I could hear one of them found a deer - and they were headed my way. I had a really good spot, and I could follow the pack just before I had to make the final decision about taking the shot. I decided it was fair, and took it. What a feeling to go and gut my first kill with a rifle!

The day was full of events - we got a total of 4 deer, and then one moose was shot, too. But it did not drop, so we had to go after it. We followed its tracks and could see, that he was bleeding, so the shot was ok - it´s quite typical that the animal can stay up and move quite a bit. We finally caught him about 2 km from the shooting venue, and he just lost his antlers as he fell, and we could see, that it was a clean shot.

I celebrated my success with the club memebers and later with my colleagues, listening to a very nice jazz band. It had been a while since I last enjoyed live music - should do that more often, definitely.

The moose season has now reached its end for this year, but the deer hunting goes on - so more to follow :)

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