Deer hunting


I have never ever seen as many white-tailed deer, moose or roe deer, as I have this year. Also the hunting administration has seen the rise in populations. Estimated white-tailed deer population is between 106.500 to 117.000 individuals (Luke 2019). So the pressure is on the hunters, the numbers need to be a lot less at the end of the season (Feb 15, 20).

I was also able to pitch in together with a friendly invitation to a big hunt. I was really excited to go, took some extra time to go to the shooting range to make sure my gear was in working order, and also that I was! It was actually quite comforting to find that there were a lot of people on the shooting stands doing exactly the same - and even  more comforting for me to note that I got it together!

Having learned something, I had adjusted my Swarovski to a 3x - so not to make the mistake of thinking the target to be closer than it actually is. The briefing was clear - concentrate on the young and the females, leave the bucks with nice antlers and do not shoot roe deer. Got it!

So off we went. I climbed to a highseat and the drive started. Very soon we heard from the radio that there was a small group 3-4 white-tailed deer just about 100 meters behind some logs, so we had to be still and patent.

We had been there maybe 20 min, when all of a sudden I heard something from my left, took a look and what do you know, a female deer walked by, maybe less than 5 meters from another shooter who was standing next to my high seat as my guide. The animal had its tail tucked down, so we first thought it was a roedeer, so I just followed watching her thru my Swarovski, would have been a great target...  Then it turned to another shooter, who could take a better look as it was no longer hidden in the tall grass - and managed to shoot it. The drive was over.

The next drive was even more exciting, there was almost a constant flow of game, white-tailed-deer and 2 moose, but all of them too far away, so we got nothing. But back at the hunting cabin there were a total of 9 animals to be skinned - the field dressing had been already done. And I was asked to join, so I could watch and also do it by myself, the removal of the coat, the cutting of the legs, the preparation of the rectum. Great lesson for me! It does take some practise to get fluent, but I´m off to a good start.

Once again, the hunting posse showed great sense of humor, wonderful spirits which also was extended to me in a form of a very warm welcome - I had a blast!! Thank you - I will definitely be back!

Ps. I am humbled to find that there are so many following my story - up to 350-400 individuals a day, thank you!

Field dressing a white-tailed deer. This will be me with a knife next time :)


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