Shitty season continues..


and yet, it´s been absolutely fabulous!! First there were super hectic couple of weeks at work with both French and German guests. Especially the latter were super welcome, as it was the first ever Intensive Game Management Workshop in co-operation with FH Erfurt, and we had a very informative and fun week visiting places, talking about current issues around game management and hunting, too! 

It was a real treat visiting the Sako plant and a gunsmith´s workshop in Riihimäki - so proud to have such craftsmanship and preserved history, and still in great shape producing the goods today! We had a very informative tour of the premises, including the manufacturing and assembly lines. 

The Shotgun and the Rifle School; Markku & Juha at Loppi Shooting Range also deserve a big thanks - the Germans were more familiar with rifles than they were with shotguns, so it was both fun as well as useful to have both included in our afternoon. Thanks to Esa at the shooting range, also!

I also owe a big thank you to the Kytö Farm and my hunting club HLMS for organizing white tailed deer hunts, one of which also proved successful, and lead me yet to another venue: a taxidermist, who had some really nice samples - and made me dream about my trophy, should I some day get something special! In fact, I feel like I already have - this hunting hobby has given me so much - experiences, excellent, warm hearted people I´ve learned to know - and occasionally great meat on the table, too.

Then we headed up North. What a lovely, lovely week. Km after km on bogs, forest trails, following a stream, climbing up a hillside.. I have never seen as many capercaillies, black grouse and partridges and I did get my fair chance of downing a couple, but came back empty handed. But it was all worth it! Great company, some really good dogwork by my pointer, good food, sauna - what else can you wish for?! Well, another tour, naturally! Hopefully, very soon :)


13.11.2020Peura- ja hirvijahdin tilastoja // Stats on deer and moose hunting
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10.08.2020Kauden aloitus // Season Opening

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