I have my own gun back :)


I admit it, I am a lousy gunowner in terms of maintenance and service. And I was told off for it - and I deserved it. Negligence, carefree attitude really does not get you far with stuff made of metal and wood. But thank goodness for pros to do it for me :)

So I got my over-and-under back and naturally took it for a  little shooting spree, and it felt so good. Even if a little different. It has a little bit of more weight in the stock, but it is well balanced and C-L-E-A-N, including the case. I stand corrected!! 

Today was a simulated game shoot. And folks, when you have a clear vision of how to do it, you execute, and you get a full score - it´s good, it´s really good! I got a total of 121/150 - stupid me got nothing from the final station, two skeet clay pigeons, and I was like half a meter too high.. 3 stations with full score, only the clay pigeon station without any points. I´m about to strut my stuff again :) The trap shooting was 10/15, my standard level performance. I have earned my glass of Riesling tonite!!


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31.03.2019I have my own gun back :)
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